Privacy Policy

Dear friends, welcome to the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival website! So you can use the services provided by this site with confidence, please read the following information. We also welcome your comments. Please e-mail to

Online Security Measures

Any unauthorized actions attempting to upload information or change services and/or related information provided by the Council are strictly forbidden and may be a violation of law.

To safeguard the security of this website and guarantee the continuing capability of users to access the service network, this site provides the following security measures:

1. A hacking detection system has been set up that monitors unauthorized attempts to upload or change webpage information or to do intentional damage
2. To guarantee the rights and interests of users, a firewall has been installed that prevents illegal access to, destruction of or stealing of data.
3. Anti-virus software has been installed and is run on a periodic basis to provide users with a more secure browsing environment.
4. Unscheduled, mock hacker attack exercises are conducted, system restore procedures are perfected and an appropriate level of security is provided.
5. A back-up server has been installed and daily data back-up is made; in addition remote back-up is also provided.
6. System patches are continually being installed and updated.

Privacy Rights

The following policy for safeguarding privacy is used when you visit this website. It involves the collection, use and safeguarding of personal data.

The Collection and Use of Personal Data

To insure the legal provision of personal data to outside users, the Council requires these users to register their basic personal data in accordance with the content and nature of the material they intend to use:

1. Requests for online document retrieval, broadcast schedules and online activities.When requests are made for online document retrieval, broadcast schedules and online activities, we will consider the content and nature of the material and request the registration of the necessary personal data.
2. E-mail or suggestion box.
When the e-mail or the website suggestion box is used to contact us, you are requested to provide accurate personal data so that a response can be made.
3. Other
We would like to remind you that the links on this website may also collect your personal data. These links each have their own individual privacy protection policies with regard to any personal information you voluntarily provide. The data management measures they take are not covered by the privacy protection policies of this website and we do not bear any responsibility for them.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small bits of data used by the server to differentiate user preferences that are then written to the user's hard disk via the browser. You can edit your browser's degree of acceptance of cookies from accepting all cookies, being asked to accept or reject individual cookies, or rejecting all cookies. (In Netscape go to "preferences" and then "advanced"; in Internet Explorer, go to "tools", "Internet" and then "privacy.")If you choose to reject all cookies, you may be unable to use some of the personalized services or take part in some of the website activities.

Policy on Sharing of Personal Data With Third Parties.

This website will under no circumstances ever sell, exchange or lease your personal data to any other organization or person. However, under the following specific circumstances the website will handle your personal data in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and not apply the privacy protection measures stipulated above.  These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. When your actions on this website violate the terms of service or may harm or interfere with the rights and interests of the Council or any other person, the Council may disclose your personal data to assist in identification, contact or the taking of legal action.
2. Personal data will be disclosed based on a good faith belief that this is required by law.
3. When for public safety purposes judicial authorities request this site provide personal data to specially designated third parties, the site will take the necessary corresponding measures based on its consideration of the legality and the appropriateness of legal procedures.

E-mail Policy

After the website obtains your agreement before or during your registration, it will send you data or an e-mail. Aside from clearly indicating this has been sent by the "Council for Hakka Affairs" it will also provide a method, an explanation or a link that will enable you at any time to stop receiving such material.   

This website will not use the personal data obtained here in any commercial advertising, except for transmitting materials that advertise the website itself to the users.

Revision of Privacy Terms and Security Policy

Because of the rapid development of technology, the fact that relevant laws and regulations lag behind reality and that it is difficult to predict changes in the overall environment, the Council will revise the privacy and security policies of the website as necessary to implement the safeguarding of your privacy rights and online security. As soon as the Council finishes any revision of privacy or security policies, we will immediately post these on the website and will prominently display a message reminding you to click on and read them.

Inquiries Regarding Privacy or Security Policies

If you have any questions about the privacy and/or security policies of the "Hakka Tung Blossom Festival Website," please feel free to contact us at any time.