Wanfu Ecological Park / Arouli Tung Blossom Trail

Wanfu Ecological Park / Arouli Tung Blossom Trail

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Tung trees are many in the park and along the trail. Especially in the park, which is right next to Tungnan University, a Taiwan Paulownia tree native to this island has been found. Considered as an economic crop during the Japanese Occupation, Taiwan Paulownia is nicknamed as the “green gold of Taiwan.” The newly-established trail meanders through the Tung forests, allowing visitors to enjoy a flowery walk.

The Wanfu Ecological Park, located in Shenkeng, covers 1.0541 hectares of land. The park’s Tung trees represent Hakka culture, and many of the park’s walls are adorned with Tung flower graphics. At the nearby Shenkeng Old Street, visitors can try the unique “Shenkeng stinky tofu” and all kinds of Hakka food.

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